Our Melt Proof Lab

By Ty Mayle, Paul Frampton, Faith Cobb, and Hailey Hagerman

Here's a video if you don't wanna read it. Ignore everything else on my channel.


This is our melt proof lab.

First, we created a design for a container. Taking ideas from a commercial thermos (See the second picture), we tried to draw a device that would use insulation and other methods to keep our ice cold.

Our final design consisted of a few parts.

>A layer of tinfoil and paper plates that made up the walls of our contraption

>Cotton balls used as insulation

>The required thermometer

>Plastic wrap shrunk around the ice

This is supposed to keep the cold in, helping it stay cool as long as possible.

Next, the cost. After working hard and determining a few things, this is what we came up with.

>Tinfoil- around 5-6 dollars

>Tape- A good 5 or 6 dollars as well (It required a lot of taping)

> Plastic Wrap- A decent amount, around 2-3 dollars

>Cotton balls- We brought most of them, but it was around 2-3 dollars too

> Large Plates- 6 or so, 1.80- 2.00

>Wax Paper- We didn't use much, 1.00-2.00

>Straws- Used as framing, 0.50-1.00

It ended up at at least 20+ dollars. While it wasn't the cheapest model, it functioned well.

Then, we filmed. Due to unknown circumstances revolving around 1 member of our group not sending out the footage we took, I'm afraid to say that I don't have any to offer at the moment. I apologize, and if I can contact the group member, I'll try to retrieve all footage possible.

We suffered an unfortunate incident during our filming. The same group member knocked over the cooling device (After being told where it was) and we had to do quick repairs. I've drawn a dramatization of the event.

Our results (I'd like to mention that this might be confusing. The chart our group member filled had weird measurements).-

Hour 1- Time: 11:37-Temp. in Celsius: -10 (I believe, I was given 1 as a temperature)
Hour 2- Time: 12:37-Temp. in Celsius: -5 (I got .5.)
Hour 3- Time: 1:37-Temp. in Celsius: -5 (Same as above)
Hour 4- Time: 2:37- Temp. in Celcius: 0 (I got 0.)

In the end, we didn't do the best. Our experiment worked pretty well, but the process and tasks needed to get to this point weren't so good. We had a few accidents and mishaps, but I'd say that we did ok. We tried our best, and I'd say that we did rather well considering what some of us had to work with.

Overall, I'd say that this needs to be part of the curriculum. It teaches heat and energy, as well as teamwork and working under pressure. I'd like to see younger kids do this as well. In the end, our group performed ok, as well as the rest of the groups.

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