Genetics Disease~changes in your body, or DNA is a single gene.

                                                    Squamous cell carcinoma

~what is it? Spread more than usually through out the carcinoma, But Squamous are flat but they make most of the epidermis.

~What it cases?  staying in the sun a lot, you got it to one of your family members they passed it down to you.

~How it could affect your skin? It cause you that u cant play any sports outside u cant stay in the sun long or you would get a skin disease.

~How u can treat it? by either taking some medicine by it and either stay out of the sun or go talk to the doctor about it.

Environmental Disease~What disease comes in the air.


~What is It? Pollution is the air we breath it could be good or bad but most of its bad.

~What causes it? Pollution is caused by people burning trees down burn whatever creating smoke that people breath in an its hurts them to breath in fitly air.

~How could it affect us? It could hurt the inside of our body by breathing that stuff in, an all them chemicals in your body hurting you.

~How could we treat this? by stop burning stuff and making the air more clean and stop cutting down trees cause that's how we breath.

Lifestyle choices diseases~What u choose to get, your effecting your own self by doing it.

                                        Smoking,by getting lung cancer

~What is it? Smoking is when humans smoke and it can give u lung cancer

~What causes it? When someone is stressing out or just trying to look cool in front of people.

~How could it affect you? It could give u lung cancer, an make u have a lot of pain and bad coughs, and also it makes you weak.

~How could u treat It?You could stop trying to smoke because its bad for you and it makes you less active and you do less when u smoke.