" Forest Noir "

all  natural  dishes

About material.

Japanese ceder





the glue is used as the same as the ancient time made by lacquer and rice
these are all came from ground,

they will turn back to earthwith out any less as the time pass.all materials are nature without minus effects

as the reason to select the Japanese cedar, it is the indigenous species that hasthe most number in japan but alsothe periodic thinning problem of it became the reason

The possibility that wood had supported Japanese life that I look forward and to formaking these kind of wood's charm been widely known there for the perform has been done in my own way

circle  plate

polygon  plate

joinery  plate

half  pyramid

45°  tray

bent  tray

joinery   tray

Square  plate

Wooden bowl

Kindness and Beauty to Earth

Look forward to the container of the invariably things
that always come aside every common daily life