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7 Great Mobile Apps for a High School Social Studies Class


Mobl21 is a free app available for Apple, Android, Blackberry, and computers. Its features allow for reviewing through quizzes, flashcards, notes; students can connect and collaborate together through SMS and voice casting, teachers can keep track of active users and grade accordingly, information is interactive and available anywhere.

Teachers could incorporate Mobl21 into any classroom; for a high school Social Studies class, the teacher could use it to create study guides and quizzes for the students to review before tests and exams. Students could use teacher-made flashcards, or create their own for reviewing, refreshing, and reinforcing knowledge.

To find out more about Moble21, click the link: http://www.mobl21.com/deploy/k12


Audioboo is a mobile app and website that is used for creating audio and uploading it. Users can create their own recordings to share and can view others' recordings for entertainment and education.

Teachers could incorporate Audioboo into a high school social studies class and use it for creating an audio version of lectures. Students can then access it for review and note taking. They could also use it to listen to other recordings to gain more knowledge on a topic for a project. As well as creating their own recordings to review before a test or express their knowledge on, for example, the World Wars, as an oral project.

Click the link to view the website: http://audioboom.com/


Studious is a free app available for students on all phones and as a website. It includes a timetable sharing feature that can be shared with friends and is customizable to include time for homework, studying and hanging out with friends. It will also save the assignment and test deadlines to remind the student of upcoming dates. Students can also take notes through the Studious Editor and it saves them onto its own cloud so that they are always available. Another excellent feature is that the app can silent mode the smart phone so the student does not have to worry about it going off during class time.

Studious was made in mind for university students, but it easily crosses over to K-12 students. As a high school Social Studies teacher, I would encourage my students to have this app so they may always know when their assignments and tests are due. They could also use it to take their notes on Ancient Greece online and have it backed up and readily accessible on their phones so they need them for review.


Woices is a mobile app that enhances learning through creating and listening to audio tours of geographic areas. Any user can create an "echo", audio recording of an area, and then share it through the app. Any user can also then listen to those echos for their own education and entertainment.

This app is perfect for high school Social Studies for it allows students to use these echos as research on particular areas such as the one provided here as an example. Students could also use the app to create their own well researched echo as a class project.

World Book

World Book is a free app currently only available for Apple products. It is an interactive multimedia calendar that displays history that happened on any date. It has dates of birth and death of historical people, inauguration speeches of presidents, plays national anthems of country's days of independence, as well as images of people, music from artists and much more.

Students could use this app for an individual or group project to research and report on a historical event or person that occurred on this current date in history.

Geo Photo Explorer

Geo Photo Explorer is a free app for Apple products, it has a similar version for Android called Geo Blogger. Both apps allow users to take photos and videos of an area and then upload these photos for others to see and explore the area that they may not have previously been able to view. Both apps include a map of the area where the photo was taken so that viewers could then view other images of the area or the surrounding area. Geo Blogger takes it a step further by allowing users to share the geographic photo and then providing background information on the image and its history, as well as being able to include other media related to the image.

Students in a high school Social Studies class could use these apps to visually experience the topics discussed in a class in a more interactive way that they would have otherwise. They could also use it for research or as a project where they take an image or video of a geographical location in their area and explain the history of the place.

National Geographic Magazine

The National Geographic magazine is well known for its excellent journalism in current and historical events. It now has a free app for all products that allows users to view the magazine on the go and in a more interactive format.

High school Social Studies students could use this mobile app to enhance their own learning through the interactive maps, videos, documentaries and articles. This app is excellent as entertainment, education and a source should they choose to use it for research on a topic.

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