Project 7 Lesson Facilitation

                                                           By: Alexis Tilman

I had an amazing time being able to teach my first lesson plan in a classroom. I was lucky enough to be able to teach at Cottonwood Elementary School. In the past, they have always been so cooperative and very helpful. This has always been my favorite school from the time I had started to do my school observations back in my spring semester of 2014.

I got to be able to teach in a 5th grade classroom and do a lesson on Early America, specifically colonial period and it was really nerve racking. I was having a hard time at the beginning of the semester because I started to doubt what I really wanted to do with my life. I had been going to school for two years and started to realize that maybe teaching was not for me as a person. But doing this lesson made me realize that it is. I have never had a better experience before. It started to feel so natural to me. I had one major downfall though. Nothing went as I had thought it would. I was having so much fun with the discussion part that I almost didn't have enough time for the technology part. But I did get to have the students do what part I wanted them to do.

My main point of my lesson plan was primarily comparing and contrasting between colonial times and today. So, I found this really awesome site called and it had that aspect on there to create their own compare and contrast chart. It was more in essay form but I wanted them to do something more simple for this assignment. But from my judgement, almost all the kids enjoyed it. I was so nervous though and almost couldn't think straight. The teacher was very helpful though when I was finished with doing my lesson. She went over every aspect of what I did and told me that, especially at their age, just to give them the technology and let them do it. I had not really thought of that before and realized that kids do live in the technology age. And told me that if I ever get nervous always make sure to have my lesson plan on me so I know exactly what to do next.

Overall though, I felt really clustered and even though I had this lesson planned out for about a week, nothing seemed to go as I had imagined it would. Which, in a way, disappointed me but I apparently did not have much control over it. I am just really glad that I got this experience. But, in my nervousness, I completely forgot about the picture aspect. I had been so focused on getting everything ready and planned out that it went through my brain. For this, I am very sad. I could not have asked for a better classroom or a better teacher to help me through it and it has helped me realize my true potential.

Below is my detailed lesson plan (also a tackk) and the Butler Letter with the grading rubric from the teacher.

Detailed Lesson Plan