LoLo's Cupcakery

Lauren Ryan, Mrs.Langford's class, 3rd hour

My business produces all sorts of pies, cakes and pastries. We sell all kinds of flavors and frostings and toppings of cupcakes, which come in two sizes. regular and mini.

Business Plan: Restrictions

I can spend no more than 7500 dollars on the production of my cupcakes with my 10000 budget and I want to produce more mini cupcakes than regular cupcakes, but sell both.

Restrictions: Systems of Inequalities

x= regular cupcakes y=mini-cupcakes

x_>_0 y_>_0




Costs and Prices:

It costs me 50 cents to make a regular sized cupcake and I can sell one for 3 dollars.

It costs me 25 dollars to make a mini-cupcake and I can sell one for 2 dollars.


My profit equals the amount I sell the total number of cupcakes for, minus the cost

Cost: =1/2x + 1/4y

Sell:=3x + 2y

Profit:= 5/2x + 7/4 y

In order to maximize my profits P= 5/2*(5000)+7/4*(30000)

= 65,000

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