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Blaise McKenzie

3/24/15 tough questions

Why does the main character's brother take all his stuff then trade it for things like cigarettes?  This will make me wonder for days. The main character, Doug, is betin up by his brother, has all his stuff stolen from him by his brother, and is told if he does not give someting up he will be parylized.

3/25/15 aha moment

Doug realizes in marrysville that he is intrested in birds and that the library is only open on saterdays. Doug sees a painting of a bird and can not stop thinking about it. Then the next morning When Doug eats breakfast with his mother he realizes he is intrested in art.

3/26/15   again and again

Doug is on a delivery when he imagines the same thing he always does. Him and Joe Pepiton trowing a baseball back and forth. Doug realy likes the yankees is what I am getting from this.

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