Olivia's Financial Portfolio

Some information I found out from the interview was that my parents spend A LOT of money for little things I don't even notice. The career I chose was a teacher because every year I went to school, I watched my teacher in awe and thought, "When I grow up, I want to be a teacher too." My career choice affected my home, car, and other expenses because I got just enough money to pay for everything, but I always want a little for entertainment or emergencies. My spreadsheet was balanced because I had to think about, "If I want a pet, how will that effect what I actually need to spend my money on?" Creating the spreadsheet changed my perception on money because before I made the spreadsheet, I thought that if I have enough money, I can buy this, but now I know to only spend my money on the important things. Creating the spreadsheet prepares me for my future by showing that I still need to save money for college and not to just waste  it all on things I don't need. So now when I get older, I promise to only spend my money on things I actually need to live.