Powell v. Alabama (1932)

The case was about 6-9 young youth were accused of raping two white woman on a freight train going Chattanooga to Alabama in March 25, 1931. They had a total of three trials and 6-9 were sentenced to death. The men and two white woman were taken to Scottsboro, Ala, the county seat. It was argued on October 10, 1932 and decided November 07, 1932. The men were Ozie Powell, Willie Roberson, Andy Wright, Olen Montgomery, Haywood Patterson, Charley Weems, and Clarence Norris that were on trial and sentenced to death for being accused of raping Ruby Bates and Victoria Price. It was said that a fight was started between the black youth and white young, all but one of the white men were thrown off the train.

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