Southwest Indians Animals And Artifacts

Logan Duncan Ms. Simon's Class


The southwest Indians used 3 main thing adobe pueblo,clay pots and woven cotton dress they used the clay pots for storing water. They used the pueblos for warmth and also the pueblos were built on steep hills and usually pueblos were built with ladders and made in a structure so if they ever get attacked,they would raise the ladders so no one could get in. They used cotton dresses to protect their body from harsh sand.


There are many animals in the southwest here are 2 examples of animals of the southwest


Ocelots are not your normal household cat ocelots are a mix of domestic cats and cheetahs. Ocelots hunt for mice with their mothers until there 2 months old. When there old enough,they hunt rabbits and other bigger prey. Ocelots are very fast and smart,just the right combination needed to survive in the southwest. One thing they always do is sneak up to their prey.

Coral Snake

Coral snakes are considered one of the most poisonous snake in the southwest. They can strike prey in a flash and in barely 10 seconds the prey dies. The coral snake got its name from hiding in huge cactus and coral shrubs. People need to take caution when they handle with one because their fast and if you get too close to one without the proper training, Ouch! One repeated pattern of their is that they slither in a wavy formation.

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