John's Music Memory list

W.C.  Handy

W.C Handy lived in a cabin with his parents. William enjoyed school and he bought a guitar . then he showed it to his father. His father said YOU BOUGHT A GUITAR ! his father yelled . why that’s a devil’s plaything! William's father believed that all music was sinful except church music. Wearing only a coat and pants but he tossed his shirt and underwear into the river. William received very little money on The Memphis Blues he was 40 years old .

William was known as the father of the blues. He was the first composer to write and publish the blues. No one knew exactly when blues was originated.But it was sang to the rural areas in 1890. Then it became more popular by 1910 and The Memphis blues in 1912. The Blues also St Louis Blues in 1914.The music of the blues sounds usually sad. The Blues is usually slow and steady.

My opinion was that William was that he was a good composer and enjoyed school and composing 3 types 1 is called The Blues the 2nd one is The Memphis Blues and The last one that is the most popular blues St louis blues it started to be popular since 1914. He made music and movies about himself.But if i was a composer i’d be making music and movies

Carl Orff

  • Born in Germany
  • Created Orff instruments
  • Found a school  for Music and Movement
  • His school was hit by bombs during World War II . Thankfully his school closed at the time
  • Carmina Burmana is his most popular composition
  • He taught  other teachers
  • He died March 29th 1982
  • He experimented the meat pounder on the piano when he was 3

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