Continuity & change in the united states 1997-2015

Evaluate the extent to which economics, politics, culture, and America's role in the world from 1997-2015 contributed to maintaining continuity as well as fostering change in the United States. - Brendan Worsley

Thesis Statement: Economics, politics, culture, and America's role in the world from 1997-2015 contributed to maintaining continuity as well as fostering change in the united states because many issues regarding these topics were disputed between two key viewpoints. Some embraced these changes that these events impacted America in, others were intent on staying the same. For example, The 2nd amendment right dispute fostered continuity because although many people disagreed with it, many argued that the 2nd amendment right is exactly the grounds our country was formed on, so the 2nd amendment right stayed. Furthermore, these topics fostered change because many viewpoints impacted America to change their policies. For example, the election of the first african american president fostered change because as a minority, he was able to fight for those similar to him. He was able to bring a different perspective to american politics, and played a key role in many disputes between american citizens. Some examples include his opinions on same sex marriage, and terrosist activity. His election fostered change due to how passionate he was for change, after all, his campaign slogan was "Yes we can."

Document A

Will Shanklin

1/30/15(current year)

Comparing the original iPhone to the iPhones 6 and 6 Plus/visual materials/Technology/2015

Historical Context:  The new era of cell phones is beginning with the introduction of the Iphone, technologies are rapidly advancing.

Point of View: The author is a consumer and is comparing the differences of the Iphone today, and the Iphone then. He's talking about how the Iphone helped change society and how consumerism blossomed.

This source reflects the thematic objective technology because the Iphone is an essential part of American society. Everyone has an Iphone or some variation of a smart phone, which Apple was the first one to create. Historians may find this source significant in the future because I don't believe the Iphone will die out anytime soon, and future generations of it will come, and people can and will continue to compare it to the first one that ever came out.

Document B:

David Barboza


The Dow Jones dips below 7,000/Texts/Exchange/1997(year of birth)

"The Dow Jones industrial average fell below 7,000, the milestone it topped for the first time last week, to close down 92.75 points, or 1.32 percent, at 6,927.38. It fell by as much as 114 points at one point late in the session.

While few analysts said they expected the stock market to surrender its recent sizable gains, many said that it would be difficult for stock prices to maintain the rapid pace they have set so far this year."

Historical Context: The Economy was booming and the Dow Jones got over the 7,000 mark for the first time, but then plummeted back down, and many were unsure what economic state the country was in at the time. Many feared a recession would hit.

Intended Audience: The intended audience was the American public. The article wanted to inform the public how the economy was doing at the time. They wanted them to know the economy was unstable in a sense.

This source reflects the thematic objective exchange because the Dow Jones is essentially the heart of the stock exchange, and if it does well the economy is more likely to do well and vice versa. Historians may find this source significant because the Dow Jones is much higher in today's world, but back then it was record setting. Historians can compare their current one to the state their Dow Jones is.

Document C:

Adam Nagourney


Obama Wins Election; McCain Loses as Bush Legacy Is Rejected/Visual Materials/Politics and Power/2008(Elementary school)

Historical Context:  The end of a presidential era had come to a close in favor of a new one, President Barack Obama. The first African American to be voted as president. Barack Obama would be voted into two terms as President Of the United States.

Intended Audience: The Intended audience for this article was the American public. The Article wanted to document the beginning of a new presidential era. The era of Barack Obama.

This source reflects  the thematic objective politics and power because The President is the heart of the executive branch in the government. He makes executive decisions for the government based on what he believes is best for the political parties and the country as a whole. He can do things such as veto bills or request things from congress such as a declaration of war or raise the deficit.

Document D:

Steven Mufson


Gulf of Mexico oil spill creates environmental and political dilemmas/Texts/America in the world/2010(middle school)

"The growing spill also threatened to churn political waters as lawmakers weigh what buffer zones to establish between rigs and shorelines in the wake of President Obama's decision to open up new regions tooffshore drilling. It could also alter details of a climate bill that three leading senators were trying to restart after postponing plans for a rollout that would have featured leading oil company executives."

Historical context: international oil drilling companies had been drilling off the gulf coast of America for years until this occurred.

Intended Audience: The American public was the intended audience for this article. This is partly due to the crisis happened off the coast of the united states and the news stations wanted to inform the American public.

This source reflects the thematic objective America in the world because for a long time companies were able to drill off the coast of America, but after the oil spill occurred America changed it's foreign policies and no longer allowed oil drilling off the gulf coast anymore.

Source E:

Alan Taylor


Occupy wall street/Recordings/culture/2011(middle school)

Historical context: Many American citizens were unhappy with the current state of the country. Many believed that it was the 99% versus the 1%. Thus, the 99% occupied wall street to protest.

Intended audience: The intended audience was the American public. Those participating in the movement wanted others to get involved, so those participating wanted others to know what was happening and what they were doing.

This source reflects the thematic objective Culture because many Americans were tired of the 1% ruling the country's economic structure. The people protesting wall street wanted to change American politics and society to be better to the 99%.

Source F:

Peter Bergen

September 11 attacks/Recordings/America in the world/2001(elementary school)

Historical context: After threats of terrorist activity on September 11th 2001 American airplanes were hijacked and crashed into the world trade center. This sent the country in a state of terror.

Intended audience: The intended audience of this source is the american public. The idea of this article is to inform people of what occurred and provide any insight of what happened that people don't know about. Many news stations learn information first and relay that information to the american public.

This source reflects the thematic objective America in the world because after these attacks happened to America, the policies regarding airplane transportation was changed. Americans were restricted from going to certain countries, regulations were implemented such as you're only allowed to bring a certain amount of liquid onto and airplane, and many more regulations.

Source G:

Ashley Fantz

High court refuses to rule--and gives tactic victory--on same sex marriage/Manuscript & Archival Material/culture/2014(High School)

Speech by president barack obama regarding same sex marriage:

"My sense is that the Supreme Court is about to make a shift, one that I welcome, which is to recognize that -- having hit a critical mass of states that have recognized same-sex marriage -- it doesn't make sense for us to now have this patchwork system," Obama told BuzzFeed News. "It's time to recognize that under the equal protection clause of the United States Constitution, same-sex couples should have the same rights as anybody else." -Barack Obama

Historical context: The American supreme court decision allowing same sex marriage to occur in states that allowed it paved the way for the beginning of same sex marriage equality. Many people rejoiced when hearing about this, but like many controversial topics, there were people that opposed it as well.

Intended audience: The intended audience of President Barack Obama's speech was the American public. He wanted to address the union on the progressive decision of the Supreme Court. He wanted to express his opinion and commend those who have fought for this change.

This source reflects the thematic objective culture because although there was opposition to this decision, it took many people to start this movement. This took protesting, boycotting, outcry, and similar activities from the LBGT community for their voices to be heard. Once heard, it was brought to the attention to the court system to determine if it was constitutional or not to not allow same sex couples to marry. This case then made it all the way to the US Supreme court, in which they allowed states to determine whether or not they wanted to allow same sex marriage. This changed American Politics and society to be more accepting of this, and to tackle same sex marriage issues.

Source H:

William Pendley

A second amendment victory in Colorado/Manuscript & Archival Material/Politics and power/2013(High School)

Speech By President Barack Obama:

"Those two things don't contradict each other. Look, we knew from the beginning of this debate that change wouldn’t be easy. We knew there are powerful interests that are very good at changing the subject, at amplifying conflict and extremes over common ground, at drowning out rational debate by ginning up irrational fear. That’s what too often stands in the way of progress," Obama said. "But if our history teaches us anything, it’s that it’s up to all of us – the people – to stand up to those who say we can’t, and stand up for the change we need."

Historical Context: Many people in America had been fighting over whether or not the 2nd Amendment right should still be in place. With the ever increasing risk of gun violence many Americans believed that the 2nd amendment right only contributed to this violence.

Intended Audience: The intended audience of this speech is the American public. This is because Barack Obama wanted to cool the tension between those who opposed the 2nd amendment and those who were for it.

This source reflects the thematic objective Politics and power because this addressed an amendment that was first introduced in the late 18th century, and now many people are disputing whether or not it should be allowed or not. This amendment was widely accepted in american society until people started opposing it, which led to a ideological  clash between those who were for or against the 2nd amendment. This contributed to the extension of American ideals because the 2nd amendment has been unquestioned for a very long time, to be brought into the spotlight when gun violence increases. More and more cases of documented gun violence led to the questioning of the 2nd amendment right, along with how to be determined whether or not you qualify to carry a gun.