Flower Power

Kayla Kaihara and Nancy Chavez

Our graph portrays a flower resting on a purple lily pad (r=8). The blue petals (r^2=16cos2theta) are sprouting from the green flower (r=6cos2theta). It represents new life brought into the world.

We experimented mathematically when we created a polar graph with a unique design. Most people look at math and think about lines and parabolas, but polar graphs allow us to changed their minds. Polar graphs are unique designs that can be made with several different graphs put together. It allows math to be viewed in a positive matter.

While completing this assignment, my partner and I realized how much fun math is. It allowed us to express different ideas while still using the appropriate equations. It is amazing how three graphs put together can change the image completely. You may think that a circle is just a circle but of you put it with another graph, then it creates such an amazing design. Polar graphs are not just fun but they are also beautiful in the end.

My partner and I enjoyed this assignment but felt we should have focused more on math homework than this project. Although this project did help us understand how to graph a lot easier, it took a lot of time. We would have to take time out of our day during our breaks and school is already taking a toll on our busy schedule especially with finals coming up. If this project was assigned during another time then it would have been better.

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