Quenton Milus-8 Poem. 11/8/13

Quenton with eyes of chocolate brown, and hair as midnight black.

Quenton of writing stories and ideas of random.

Quenton whose name will not be forgotten by anyone.

Is a boy who loves the whole earth, by the way it is seen by him the breeze of the wind, and the beautiful night.

Draws pictures of people, animals, and the landscapes of the world.

Writes stories that pops into his mind.

Reads novels of fantasies, mysteries, drama, thriller, and of course comedy, that he loves so much,also mangas.

Watches anime online that he loves the most above all tv shows.

Curios about the worlds' history and future.

Quenton shy or talkative curious or hesitant thinking in his brain of knowledge.

Smiles in the inside,despite the fact his face looks mean sometimes.

Pretends to be mad at home,because it is funny to him

because everyone in this world deserves a second chance even though this world is full of mysteries.

Quenton inside a novel of fantasies full of alchemist,magician,necromancers,witches,warlocks,magical creatures, and animals.

inside a warm forest green Baylor jacket,words colored of yellow and white.

Inside his thoughts of ideas on how he will write about a character or how to draw them all ending up perfect.

is a boy who is never mad for a very long time,and in fact forgiving and doesn't really care if you were mean.

Cleans the house when it us dirty,trying to keep it clean.

Warns his brother to wash his hands before eating or touching anything in the kitchen.

Plays games on the iPhone his cousin gave him.

Thinks of what would happen if I do this or that before he actually does it.

Laughs when he was a kid that got a whipping by a belt when he got in trouble for not listening,though it was not serious.

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