Final Project

Movie Trailer Evaluation - The Fellowship of the Ring

The trailer starts out with a general explanation of the setting and situation. It explains who the enemy is and what will happen if Sauron, the "dark lord", gets the ring. The ring is introduced as the central item in the movie and the "most unlikely person imaginable" finds it. This person being a hobbit is the central character displayed in the trailer who is tied to the central item, the ring. Having seen the Lord of the Rings trio and as they are my favorite movies I will give some insight. Although some of the major story line is released, the movie is long enough and there is enough complexity to the story that a preview of the main plot line is fine. The trailer is effective because fans will know enough about the movie to understand what they will see overall, but because it is so long they will wonder what could possibly happen on this journey which peeks the interest.

Artifact Reaction

Many beginning artists are young and impressionable. They also have probably never heard of record labels taking advantage of their talent. I for one had never heard of the incidences that occurred with 30 Seconds to Mars and the other bands. These groups would see the record label as wanting their music so they are almost perceived as a friend often times. However, these companies a lot of times do not care about the career or future of the band, but just in the profit they can make from the band. That is where the great distinction is between the two. The artist or band has a desire to share their music with the world and make an emotional impact on people. Whereas the record label is only looking at the band as another way to make money and it is through a systematic environment that this is done. The is difference between the abstract and the materialistic nature of the two. Stepping into the global arena of music will be daunting to the new groups and in this way they look to the label as a trusted ally who can take advantage over them in a horrible way.

Running a Theme Park

If I ran an amusement park there would of course be the usual rides, games, food etc. Beyond those things I would include a few unique events and attractions. Animals are a large draw for people of all ages and especially children who can draw their parents to the park. Although many amusement parks have animals, including a special kind of animal theme to the park could add extra incentive to visit. For instance the park would have an animal theme and there would be an animal assigned to each region of the park. Say there were five sections to my park and the rides and games in each area correlated to the animal specified. The tiger area would involve a ride where tigers are kept in areas surrounding the roller coaster while you go through it so it would almost be like a roller coaster safari. Another area could be the sea sections, which would have a water slide that went through an aquarium where the sea life would swim right by you. The end of the water slide would be filled with fish, stingrays, and other forms of safe sea life.

The Dark Knight Movie Poster

The initial reaction the movie producers want you to feel is shock. The Joker as most people would assume the character is, is drawing in blood and using his sick sense of humor in the writing. The effect of him writing it on a window is like the window is a portal to the people looking at the poster and the Joker is talking to them with the writing. The effect of looking through a cloudy window gives the poster a somewhat depressing and dark feel to it. Also the name of the movie is The Dark Knight, which is a nickname for Batman. It could also be a play on words in saying it like the dark night in which bad things will happen. Also the focus of the poster is on the Joker and not Batman, therefore as he is a bad guy the focus of the movie could very well be on him giving the movie a foreshadowing of forboding events.

Smaller Amusement Parks

I do not believe smaller amusement parks should mirror Disney because Disney's success comes from its impeccable experience and perfection throughout their parks. A smaller amusement park will not have the resources to keep up with the reputation of Disney. However, since the trips people take to Disney are maybe an annual visit at the shortest, a smaller park could have lower cost while providing a fun filled experience for one day. In this way people will come to the smaller amusement park more often as it is cheaper and more accessible. The two things these small amusement parks need to focus on is providing a stress free day for its customers as they come to forget about their worries for a few hours. This means make sure staff are friendly and helpful, food is good, machines are always in working order, and the grounds are clean and well-kept. The second focus needs to be on something Disney actually does very well, being family friendly. If you can get the whole family to come out to the park there is a lot more business. Often friends will come to amusement parks because of the fun, but if you can also attract families then all people will be coming. Ways to make it family friendly is provide multiple types of rides from the very fast to the slow and enjoyable, also have strollers, daycare and other things necessary for small children who can be a burden at places like an amusement park.

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