K-12 Mobile Apps

EDU 210 Introduction to Education Technology


I like Twitter in the classroom beacuse it allows for teachers to easily remind students of due date and homework. It also allows for students to submit answers during discussions.

News Sites

Edmonton Journal for one example. In a social studies classroom it will allow teachers to do current events without the student haveing to do homework and save newspapers from being bought each week. I would use the app and ask students to look up a current event and share it with the class. I would want students to have access to many different news sites (Al Jazeera, France 24 and Spiegel online) all of which are free.


I really like this app. For students who like studying from flashcards this is a great app. They can create entire units and keep the cards organized. For the student who likes to write out speeches for presentations this app is also great for that too. Over all this app was very easy to use and can be used in any class.


This app has great potential in the classroom. There are many features that can be used by the teacher and students. Teachers can sign up and create assignments so that students do not have to entire all the assignments themselves. Students can have assignments and classes on the calander that the app has. For students it also has options to show late assignments and complete assignments. I would be willing to try this app in a classroom in substitution of a paper school planner. Another very impressive feature is that it has a how to use guide when you first use the app.


This app is even better then a paper dictionary. Students can look up how to spell a word, how to pronounce it, what part of speech it belongs to; however, with mobile technology. Instead of students trying to figure out how to spell a word they can speak the word to learn how to spell it. They can also look up how to pronounce a word if they come across it in readings; this app has the option for the word to be pronounced. For the students like myself who had a hard time reading this app would have been great on learning how to spell or get the right spelling of words that I cannot figure out myself. There is also a website that this app has and is also a great tool. Click the link here to get to the website.

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