Stories of a Book

By Grace

Pages turning
crinkly and old
or silky and new
Words being softly whispered,
or screamed and shouted

Each thin page holds something different;
a new secret,
an intriguing sword fight,
or the ongoing cop and robber chase.

Every book,
thick or thin,
holds a different world inside its bindings.
Maybe enchanted forests
with unicorns and griffins,
or far away kingdoms with princes and princesses
or those perfect summer days with sand castles
and noisy waves crashing along the silent shore.

What's on the inside isn't the only thing that tells a story.
Every cover tells a different story too.
Some don't have covers at all.
Some books show they've been through long, hard days of being read
with dog eared corners and torn pages.

But some books tell stories of boring days standing prettily on bookstore shelves,
and enduring dirty strangers touching their shiny covers.
The dark glossy ones with birthday gifts wrapped in police tape,
and the blue book with the black and white clouds

Science Fiction
In every binding new things don't cease to amaze.
Although one mystery still goes without being solved;
where do these stories come from?
With enchanted forests and wizards on broom sticks
and the perfect summer days where nothing can go wrong

Those mysteries are what make the story.
Because even after it's done and over,
and the covers are locked tightly together once more
you will always wonder where that story came from.

It will annoy you and demand you think about it
Until you do.

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