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Here is a conversation between Sean Covey (Leader in Me)and Muriel Summers (Principal of A. B. Combs).....all about Engaging Students In Learning - Component 3c.

Sean: How important are relationships when it comes to student engagement?

Muriel: Establishing positive and nurturing relationships are key to engaging students in the learning process. Students who feel valued work to their fullest potential and will often exceed the minimum expectations. The link between high student engagement and positive relationships yields high academic results.

Sean: How do you build those types of relationship?

Muriel: Relationship- building takes time and effort. It is an essential component of establishing the policies and procedures within the first six weeks of school. Teachers need to invest time and energy in getting to know their students as individuals and building cohesive relationships not only with their students, but with their families as well.

Sean: What is the most important thing you have learned about student engagement?

Muriel: The most important question we can ask ourselves is, “What is the point?” The answer to that question should never be because it is on an assessment in the future. True student engagement is the result of real-world experience that yields high student motivation. The goal of every educator should be to create self-directed, proactive learners who seek autonomous mastery of real-world authentic learning standards. We can’t achieve that if we make tasks either too difficult or too easy. This is the reason we must differentiate for every learner. The natural tendency for us as educators is to require a greater amount of control; however, the greater the control we give to the students, the more independent they become when completing the task at hand.

Sean: What is the most recent thing you have learned about student engagement?

Muriel: Often times, we associate rigor with difficult, arduous tasks that are in no way linked to enjoyment. This is not the case. In fact, rigor and fun go hand- in- hand in the academic setting. Many times parents perceive that if students are “playing” and enjoying school, then they are not learning and being challenged in a rigorous environment. Actually, the opposite is true. Students who are intrinsically motivated experience greater excitement and academic fulfillment.    

WOW....Muriel motivates me to get better!! I hope she has that impact on you:)

    Important Information

    Lesson Plan Check - I want you all to know that we were very lenient in some areas when scoring your lesson plans. Please look at 1b - Knowledge of Students. To be HE your lesson plan should demonstrate the use of assessment data to tailor instruction for individual students.  Most of you had listed the names of who were in your Guided Reading or Guided Math groups. Only a few of you put information to tailor instruction to individual students.  Just know that the 2nd round of lesson plan checks, we will be looking for that.

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    Oct. 22nd - Erica Marino

    Reflection Question

    How can you determine whether an activity is engaging for students by examining their work? What would you look for?

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