GCCTM Newsletter

Januarary 2015 Edition

Upcoming STEM Event Jan 29

What: GCCTM STEM Mini Conference

When & Where:

Thursday January 29, Fisher Middle School

3:30-5pm Elementary; 4:30-6pm Secondary

Cost: Members Free, Non Members: Cost of Membership $5

Session Titles

Elementary 3:30-5:00pm

–"Shoestrings as Learning Tools"

-"Digging for Gold" - Using "Rich" problems to reveal K-2 students' mathematical thinking.

-Assessment with ActivEngage and ClassFlow

Secondary 4:30-6:00pm

- "Edible Algebra" and "Slopetacular Cheers"

-"Let me Nspire you and your math or science classrooms!"

-"Instagram and Matrices"

-“Four Faces of a Function”

-Spotlight Tasks – How can they be used to feature the Standards for Mathematical Practice? (Algebra focus)

Save the Date!

GCCTM Honors Spring Banquet will be April 21, 2015 at Brick Street Cafe

Survey Winners!

Thanks to those of you who responded to our survey this fall. The lucky winners were: Holly Loftis @ Greer Middle, Jennifer Hull @ Lakeview Middle, and Matthew Kryston @ Berea Middle

Membership winners! Elementary – Cherrydale Elementary; Middle – Beck Middle School; High – Riverside High School

Important Test Dates

ACT Aspire – Math – Grades 3, 4, 5 – Thursday, April 30

ACT Aspire – math – Grades 6, 7, 8 – Thursday, April 30

The ACT – Math – Grade 11 – Tuesday, April 28

ACT WorkKeys – Grade 11 – Wednesday, April 29


Greenville County Council for Teachers of Mathematics is an organization that promotes professional growth and student achievement for all GCSD math teachers.

GCCTM Officers


Linda Manley, President

Jennifer Southers, President-Elect

Patricia Rhoney, Past President

Chris Beyerle, Newsletter

Daniel Wilkie, NCTM Representative

Faith Deaver, Vice-President of Elementary School (Primary)

Amy Parker, Vice-President of Elementary School (Intermediate)

Nanette Davis, Vice-President of Middle School

Margie Gustafson, Vice-President of High School

Sara Beth Kripinski, Treasurer

Cathy Hale, Advisor

Valerie Muller, Advisor

Gay Durham, Secretary