Erase It

Taking the Permanent, out of Permanent markers

Our story

We all met at a Summer camp, and we thought of this project together. Erase it was first an idea at an inventing camp, an idea to erase Sharpies,but then it became more than that. An idea became a prototype, a prototype then became an invention. It is the best permanent marker eraser. We hope you love our product. XOXO,

<Ana, Maddie, Aliana, Paris and Haleigh>

Using Our secret ingredient list
our formula can make the toughest permanent marker go away! that's a lot of power!

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3 years ago

Love this girlys!!! XOXO, Your fellow hashtager Anabella

3 years ago

Guys I also made another Erase It Website on my account
I have a new account.
Its @AnabellaGiust
kk XOXO,