Principles of the Declaration

By:Taylor Pearcy, Hour 2

I Made a Kahoot, Enjoy!

What does unalienable rights mean? What this means is these rights can not be taken away. In the United States are unalienable rights are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

What does government by constant mean? This mean the government has to depend on the people.

The government should have the constant in  their dissuasions. The people should have a right to say and know whats going on in their own country. If people do not have a say in the government it will not help anything because the people are only know the things our country needs. EX: If  a small community had to vote to have a  on a tennis court or a pool. The people who are head of the community think it would be a better idea to get a pool. The head of the community asked some of the people which one would you rather have out of a tennis court or a pool they said tennis court because we already have a pool.

If the head of the department did not go round asking people what they prefer they would have gotten the wrong thing for that community.

The person who should be responsible for these rights is a judge. It should be a judge because when people have a case they should be able to explain the unalienable rights to them and ask them have any of these rights been broken.

These are still true today because the unalienable rights are life and the pursuit  of happiness. These rights are not outdated because today everybody wants to be happy. These rights are not outdated.

These Principles do matter to me because without them we would not have some of the rights we do today.


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