Cinema Makeup School

Los Angeles, California

Campus origin and history


Cinema Makeup School was founded in 1993 by a professional makeup artist seeking to create a more comprehensive makeup artist school that offered up-to-date education to aspiring makeup and special effects technicians.

At the time, there were very few dedicated makeup schools in Los Angeles, and many of those that existed offered training that was either outdated or out-of-step with the needs of the entertainment industry. Most of the industry’s training—especially in the special effects world—happened informally through apprenticeships and internships that were often unpaid, unadvertised and all-but-inaccessible to people without insider connections and financial means. At the same time, the explosion of special effects-driven blockbuster movies (that had been going on, unabated, since the late ‘70s) created unprecedented public awareness of, and interest in, special effects. With so few doorways to the industry and so many interested young people, someone needed to bridge that gap.

The school opened its doors in a modest facility in the heart of L.A. and got to work teaching students. The plan was simple: offer shorter, more concentrated classes; keep all instruction up-to-date with the latest professional methods and standards; and attract top working artists to teach at the school.

It worked.

Admission requirements

*All applicants to CMS must fill out an enrollment application and submit a $100 non-refundable registration fee

*Applicants with a high school diploma/G.E.D or greater are accepted.

*A background in cosmetology, art, theater and any related field are helpful, but not essential.

tuition and cost

Special Effects Makeup (my filed)

140 total clock hours / 4 weeks

Advanced multi-piece prosthetic creation, utilizing state of the art materials and techniques, acquiring skills such as Blood tubing and blood spray, advanced teeth, advanced mold design and completing a full-head character or creature of your own design.

January 12 to February 6
February 2 to February 27
March 23 to April 17
May 26 to June 19 *
June 15 to July 10 *
August 10 to September 4 *
October 12 to November 6
October 26 to November 20

Evening Class (6:30-10:00)
November 30 to January 29, 2016

Tuition: $4,000 | Lab Fee : $750

Campus life

CMS makes educational appearances at numerous conventions related to makeup and the entertainment industry at IMATS (International Makeup Artist Trade Show), Monsterpalooza, & Comic-con. To display the art and history of makeup and special effects.

Degree plan (diploma)

Cinema Makeup School offers four diploma programs for aspiring makeup artists.

*Master makeup program

*Film and television program

*Professional makeup program

*High fashion photographic program

Cover letter

Cinema Makeup School

Hollywood's professional makeup school

3780 Wilshire Blvd

Los Angeles, California

Dear Cinema Employers,

I am interested in the Stage Technician position. I have student teaching experience on every field of special effects makeup.

At this present time I am teaching at FXStudio. This position has allowed me to help students go deeper with their creativity and imagination and help them put their thoughts in to art with the basic skills needed.

It is my goal to create beautiful masterpieces in the time needed with my experience. I am a patient person who pays attention to small details that make significant differences in makeups. I would gladly appreciate an interview and hope to hear from you soon.


Stefany Rojas

Beverly Hillbillies mansion:

750 Bel Air Rd.

Los Angeles, CA 90077


Recommendation Letter

To Whom it may Concern,

It is without further adue that I write this letter of recommendation for Stefany Rojas for a spot in the Cinema Makeup School in Hollywood, California. Ms.Rojas is a very creative young women and displays an interest in the cosmetology career. She maintains a very healthy relationship with her customers and shows respect and kindness to everyone. She is very talented when it comes to art and she does very well in all of her classes.

One of Ms.Rojas’ many assets is her artistry and her ability to achieve any design. She is a very talented young women with the dream to become a Special Effects Makeup artist. She has integrity, many responsibilities, and is very distinct and likes to get things done the correct way. As an employer of hers, I notice her desire to accomplish new goals and her search for knowledge. She is not afraid to ask questions and she does her very best to seek answers. She is able to work in groups and as an individual and thrives in both.

As a co-worker, I believe she can thrive when becoming a Special Effects Makeup artist. I promise she will

Persuasive Essay

When I was a child I always feared the monsters underneath my bed. Until my mother once sat down with me and made me watch a special effects show which made me realize that those monsters aren't real, and I also discovered that I was the one who wanted to make those monsters. Special Effects became a growing passion as I started to see the art in every single object, I appreciated the genuine beauty in every form even more.

Cinema Makeup School is the best opportunity at becoming who I am supposed to be. I am obsessed with the hands on aspect of craft. The programs and classes offered are completely professional that takes students to another artistic level as I have seen in the show “Face Off’. Observing these students express themselves under immense amounts of pressure is inspiring and makes me realize that the base of their talent comes from hard work and hours of learning that Cinema has provided them. An artist never stops learning and improving its skills, as I am willing to take every piece of instruction given to me to refine my techniques in order to be a successful artist. Being a part of this community would bring out the person in me that has been trapped in a world where all the creative outlets are unreachable and even for some people, pointless.

In recent years I started self teaching myself by watching videos, and freestyle sculpting. The basic learning of makeup which is character, prosthetic and airbrushing was not offered at at my high school which made it harder for me, I started doubting myself and wondering whether if I was going to ever become an artist. I did not give up on this life-long dream and did what was at my reach to learn at that young age. Now I have the great opportunity to develop my skills even more and learn from the greatest of teachers here at the best school for people like me with the same dream.

Being a part of this journey would be an honor for me and would mean most when I am succeeding in the makeup industry in future years thanks to this school.

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