The word, “consumption” describes the basis of industrial revolution because the inventions of machines and manufacturing have caused people to consume many valuable resources. People wasted mainly energy resources once technology started to play a role in our world. Energy consumption started once machines and different types of technology were created to make life easier. Yes, it did make life easier, but it didn’t and still hasn’t erased the problem that energy consumption is creating.

Many people believe that the United States is the leading consumer of energy in the world , but in the next few years, China and India will actually be the top consumers. According to Catherine Green, "Global energy consumption is expected to rise 56% by 2040 with a changing composition of energy sources, with China and India driving the rate increase far more than the rest of the world." The reason why China and India are expected to be the top consumers of the world is because the people are making more money and their economy is booming, therefore they are purchasing more vehicles and other machinery that uses liquid fuel.

In the United States, we have recognized the problems that have come with the industrial revolution, mainly energy consumption. Many Americans today are trying to save energy. According to the U.S Environmental Protection Agency, "In 2008, Americans saved more than $19 billion and avoided greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to those of 29 million cars through choices they made with energy-saving measures and energy-efficient homes." Efforts are being made to reverse the damages made by consuming non renewable resources. People are changing the increasing rise of pollution by saving energy. By conserving resources, we are also saving the environment in the process.

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