Loving vs. Virginia

In 1958, two residents of Virginia, Mildred Jeter (black woman), and Richard Loving (white man) were married in the District of Columbia. When they returned to Virginia shortly, they were charged with violating the states miscegenation statue; banned inter racial marriages. Both were found guilty and sentenced to a year in jail. The judge agreed to suspend the sentence if they would leave Virginia and not return for 25yrs. The court and the state had arguments if the statue was legitimate(justify or make lawful). The court held that Virginia law violated the process of the 14th amendment. Chief Justice Earl Warren wrote "under our constitution" "the freedom to marry, or not to marry, a person of another race, is thereof the opinion of the individual." That can't be broken/ limited by the state....that's all the notes i got from the website. But, if you din't mind i have a comment on this subject. Today there are still stereotypes and drama with the topic interracial relationships/marriages. For example: I saw a black boy dating a white girl, to me there was noting wrong with the picture, but he person with me...didn't like it and she caused a scene. Now....me i'm thinking what was the point...what did you accomplish...and she had nothing to say. Moral of the story is love is love....love come in many different ways...color, skin,etc. doesn't matter.

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