The University of Texas at Austin

Jacob Bonadero April 18, 2014 6th Period

Social and Academic Reputations:

Lots of things to do- ACL, Barton Springs, Football, etc.

Most Popular Majors Include- Social Sciences, Business, Communication and Engineering

Over 31 Frats to choose from!

Essential Facts:

Graduation Rate for 4 years: 48%

Retention Rate: 92%

Quality of Life Rating: 90%

UT is a public school with a metropolis environment.

In-State Tuition is under $6,0000.


UT Football is a big tradition of Austin.

At Football Games, UT's mascot is actually a big longhorn named Bevo. Bevo comes to every game.

Ut also has a tradition of a big football rivalry against Oklahoma.


How big is the campus?

" The campus is quite large. the main portion of the campus is similar to a rectangle that has a 2 mile perimeter."


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