The book I am reviewing is "The Emperors Of Chocolate" By Joel Glenn Brenner. This book takes you into the heart of the most secretive business, candy. Hershey's first big deal was made with the U.S Military. The Military needed a product that was high in calories and protein, and could withstand temperatures up to 140 degrees. Thus, the Ration-D bar was made. Meanwhile, Forrest Mars was creating a product very similar that would be pieces of chocolate that would not melt under 140 degrees. They named this product M&M (Mars and Murrie). Murrie was the CEO of Hershey in the beginning and Mars was still a small company and bought their Cocoa from Hershey. Mars was Hershey's largest Cocoa customer, which increased Hershey's sales. When Forrest Mars needed help creating a product, Murrie helped him and only asked that his name be on the product. Ever since M&M's hit the shelf they were a massive success and Mars started to outsell Hershey. The battle for the largest candy manufacturer led to the feud between them. Both companies now own many different brands, Mars owns the top 2 cat and dog foods, Hershey dominates the American candy market. Currently, Hershey makes more money than Mars in America, but worldwide Mars outsells Hershey 4 to 1. I really enjoyed that the author goes in depth about all aspects of both companies such how they were created, how to increase sales and how they developed new products. However, I do not like all the information about prices of Cocoa and the history of Cocoa because it was a lot of numbers and data that i did not feel contributed to the story. I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading about business. This author is the only person to have an interview with the Mars President and gain access into Mars.

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