What Do Astronauts Do For Fun!?

Introduction: This presentation will be about what astronauts do for fun, why fun is an essential part of life in space, why is exercise an important part of life in space and what do astronauts do for exercise!

This is NASA astronaut Greg Chamitoff playing checkers.

1. Why is fun an essential part of life in space?

Fun is an essential part of life in space, because it helps your body move, so your active and healthy. Astronauts don't always work they can also have fun in different and healthy types of ways.

2. How Do Astronauts Amuse Themselves?

The astronauts can bring some of their own belongings with them. They spend their time the same way that they would on Earth by reading their favorite books, listening to music, etc. Also, the stars are able to see from the Space Shuttle windows, that the astronauts will spend their time by enjoying the view and taking pictures. In the International Space Station, they can watch DVD movies and, once a week they're able to talk with their families and friends threw a radio wave.

3. Why is exercise an important part of life in space?

When astronauts travel to space, their bones get weaker because they don't move their body's, their is no gravity so they just float up. If astronauts don't exercise, their bodies start losing bone and muscle. Astronauts at least exercise 30 minutes a day. To keep fit and healthy!

4. What do astronauts do for exercise?

These are the different types of exercises the astronauts do in daily life in space!!!

5 Random Facts.....

-Did you know you grow taller when your at space

-The first living animal in orbit was a dog from Russia called Laika. She traveled into space on Sputnike 2 in 1957.

-There is no wind or rain in space so an astronaut’s footprints on the Moon will remain for at least a million years.

-Did you know space can ruin your brain

-Astronauts are also called "taikonauts" in China and "spationaute" in France






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