The Wonderings Of Sir Isaac Newton

By Martin Demy-Geroe

Sir Isaac Newton wondered about many things that help us today. So as a scientist Newton invented things such as: a math called Calculus, he discovered the different colours in the sun when a prism is pointed at it, and he discovered many more things.

Sir Isaac Newton was born in 1642 and died in 1727. he lived in England as a genius scientist. Sir Isaac Newton with the help of a German scientist, invented a math that helps scientists work things out, the math was called Calculus. Calculus is still used today in fact.

One day, Newton looked up at an apple and wondered why it fell down instead of going up. So he called this gravity. He experimented many times and found out why it fell down. His understandings help scientists that are puzzled like he was. With the understanding of gravity we can understand a lot about space and our planets gravitatonal pull E.T.C

Newton discovered many things that affect our lives today. He discovered the secrets of the sun's colour when a prism is pointed at it, he created a very special and helpful math called Calculus, he discovered things that we wouldn't know about without him. He also invented his own type of telescope that he used to study space and the stars and maybe even our own planet. Without Sir Isaac Newton we wouldn't understand some of the things he discovered and we wouldn't have some of the brilliant ideas to build onto from him. Sir Isaac Newton was a GENIUS!!!!