My Landform Region Is The Best!

You have been asked by the Government of Canada to promote your landform region as the best. You will have to promote your region as a great place to open a BUSINESS or create a TOURIST attraction.  The flyer will have you focus on why the landform region is a great location for the business or tourist attraction.

What Does My Flyer Need?

Physical Features

To create a great flyer, you will need to include information on all aspects of your region's physical environment:  You will need to include:

1. The climate of the region

2. The geology of the region (rock types)

3. The natural landscape (what it looks like and the features)

Map of the Region

The map will draw attention to the location and special features of the region. The map should provide potential tourists or business owners where major cities or attractions are located.

Human Activities

What kinds of human activities can be enjoyed in your region?  Think of the recreational opportunities or unique physical features of the region that could be potential tourist attractions.  For example, Niagara Falls as a tourist destination in the Great Lakes- St. Lawrence Lowlands.  If you have decided to promote a business opportunity in the region, consider the types of resources or climate factors that are ideal for this business.  For example, farming in the Interior Plains.

Include a video

The video may highlight the recreational or business opportunities you are trying to promote.  Be sure the video is related to the content of the Tackk.

Climate Change

Potential businesses will want to know how climate change will impact the region.  In your flyer include information on how climate change will impact the region in both positive and negative ways.

Add Detail!!

Make sure you have included enough details on your region.  If you think you have enough, check before submitting your project.


You will be assessed according to the attached rubric.

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