Math III Section 4.6 #29 

Alexis Barrett, Mr.Kirkland, Monday, May 19, 2014

The problem that was incorrect had a multiplication error when finding the number of negative roots. The mistake was when he/she multiplied the x^2 they kept it negative not knowing that a negative times a negative is a positive, therefore making it only 1 number of negative roots. The problem that is on the right made the correction error making the number of negative roots 3,0.

To solve this problem you must first create a brace map ordering your sentences and highlighting any key words that you may think is important, this makes it much easier to see your work and help make better understanding.

Second you need to set up your equations to find the dimensions you should use for the garden, as you can see I set mine finding the dimensions of the shorter base to find the rest of the dimensions to the trapezoid.

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