The Aussie Experience(s)

i. costal experience

What perspective have you chosen and why? Find your own example of a song, poem or image that represents your chosen perspective.

What does this perspective say about Australian life and identity? How does this perspective compare with your own about Australia?

What is the most interesting thing that you have learnt so far about Australian experiences? If you haven’t learnt anything, why do you feel this way?

What can this Australian experience offer to our society (our own world)?

+ a personal reflection

The Australian costal experience is commonalty viewed as the prime example of what Australian life style should be; the expectations are based in cultural assumptions that life in Australia is relaxed, carefree and outdoorsy. This perspective is important as it represents a dichotomy in not only in the lifestyle itself, but also what is expected and what occurs. With over 80% of Australia's population living within a hundred kilometres of the coast, it is a growing lifestyle.

[the 8Tracks mix (below) Golden Sunshine by jessek11 is an example of music creating the kind of atmosphere that is traditionally prevalent during summer in Australia]

All facets of Australian living that make up the perspective on the coastal lifestyle speak deeply about Australian life and identity; for example, the belief that beach areas are useless half of the year comes from the amount of time spent outside - typically in the sun. These perspectives (when looked at within a greater view on the lifestyle) might speak more on a cultural assumption level, but they are also grounded in Australian life and identity. However, there are differing lifestyles within Australia, such as the city style one. In cities, life is more focused on what needs to be done, rather than what could be done.

One of the most interesting thing about Australian experiences is not how different they are, but how they all interlock at the core. They are all expressions of life, and all variations on what life and cultural identity means to people.

The coastal experience can offer Australia - as a whole - many things, including international and domestic tourism, a large contribution to the economy, a large amount of ethical diversity, as well as many new experiences. The lifestyle is all over Australia - from Bondi (New South Wales) to Surfer's Paradise (Queensland) to Victor Harbour (South Australia).

''The Australian Coastal Lifestyle is more than just the beach and the surf – it is a way of living. The coast is a place where family and friends meet, play a game of cricket or volleyball, throw a Frisbee or have a picnic. ''

Australia's coastal lifestyle is one that works to put Australia on the table as a viable holiday option, against more traditional places such as Bali, Hawaii or Maldives. This is due to the focus of Australian coastal culture - the beaches. Aside from international tourism, the lure also applies to domestic tourism, with locations like Bondi and Surfer's Paradise common locations; in addition, the attraction to the beaches  means that there  needs to be infrastructure established to support the area - as well as the people who visit - which results in developments like hotels, restrunts, cafes, clothing stores, hospitals and - all, in turn, result in jobs for local residents.