Cassidy Coldren Core 2

Writing about meditation

Yesterday we meditated. We did three activities, first Mr. Halkuff talked to us in a soothing voice and told us to imagine that we were walking down the beach and we saw a red door. We imagined that we walked through the door and walked into a magical place where there was a garden and a lake. Second, we tried to mediate by ourselves while listening to soothing noises like ocean waves. Third, we listened to a women with a soothing voice that tried to make us fall asleep.

Before we meditated, I didn't know what to think about it. I was worried about my grades and I was tired. During the activities I felt better and I wasn't worried about my grades anymore. Yes, I would meditate again because it was relaxing.


Meditation - its were you breath in slowly for three seconds then you breathe out slowly. Meditation is calming and it makes you feel better.

Mantra - During meditation you breath in and then out. When you breathe out you say your mantra. It helps you relax more. The most common mantra is ohmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Deep breathing - To inhale as much as you can and then exhale as much as you can.

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