I chose aphrodite to imitate with because Aphrodite is a beutiful and humorous kind of person. Aphrodite didnt mind all the problems instead she treat it as a challenge in her life.
Aphrodite and me are quite pretty, lovable, and witty. Comparing myself with her, mostly we have the same outlooks in life. One of that is were both loving and caring person to their love ones. Were both wise on how we treat the problems weve encounter. I like Aphrodite not because she's beautiful but because for her positiveness and reliance that no matter how difficult the problem is, still she's standing in front of other wearing her big "SMILE" and hoping that she will surpass it all.
As a human being, I can proudly say that imitating her is not a mistake but a choise for she may help me to understand how life is and by adapting her attitude as well. In fact, it help me a lot especially to LCCB to make friends with others that can espouse me to my chosen avocation and be their friend that somehow they'll be thankful that they met someone who also change their lives. In that, I can say to myself that Aphrodite is a blessing that God gave to me help to inspire continue dreaming.

aphrodite? <3

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