Upgrade your Classroom
for the 21st Century!

The Choice is Yours....

# 1

  60" LED Digital Learning Display

The Future is Now!

Zero setup, Always connected, Lights on!

# 2

Wall Mounted Projector!

Zero setup, Always connected, No training required!

A sample projector system; final model to be determined




The first choice for the LED flat screen display requires mounting on the bulletin board wall in your classroom. The bulletin board will be dismantled and re-used in the gym. Re-using the bulletin boards helps defray the cost of the new classroom display (by $400). This location is essential to provide space, power and ethernet connections, safety/ security of the display, and the needed counter space for the connected equipment.

The second choice for a mounted projector requires placement above the existing whiteboard. A nearby desktop computer (or laptop) will be utilized for the connection to the projector.  


LED DISPLAY: Computers will be connected via the HDMI cable which delivers both video and audio. No speakers required. A wireless keyboard and mouse will allow control of the computer from any location of the room. These devices can be shared with students for participation and presentation.

A video cable will connect the the ELMO so that it is available at all times. Just change the input source on the remote to switch from computer display to Elmo display.

For teachers using the iPad extensively in the classroom, an HDMI connector for the iPad can be ordered through Apple.

PROJECTOR: Aside from the computer, the Elmo will also be connected. A switching device for managing the display will allow instant changeover from computer to Elmo. Sound will be available via existing speakers or possibly via the new projector. A wireless Keyboard/mouse and iPad connectivity are also a possibility to maximize student/teacher interactivity from any location in the classroom.

Kindergarten will receive the Projector for use with the SmartBoard being moved from 4th grade.


You should make the decision for the LED display or Projector System based upon the basic location requirement and teaching style.  Either system provides the main features requested by teachers:  an always connected, interactive system with zero setup!

Regardless, of the display technology that you select, the intent of the upgrades is to provide the essential conditions necessary to meet our primary goal for Technology identified in the ECS 2012-2013 Action Plan:

Students will demonstrate communication, collaboration, and innovation through the use of technologies to support and enhance learning.

The Technology Committee believes the enhanced classroom environment will  facilitate technology integration and allow teachers to attend to the remaining strategies identified in our action plan:

T1. Teachers will review the Vermont Tech GEs and Technology Scenarios to identify unit(s)of study which can be enhanced by strategically using technology.

T2. All teachers will implement grade level activities to advocate and practice responsible digital citizenship.

T3. Each grade level will develop and maintain teacher approved web resources to support and enrich curriculum

T5. Establish ongoing program of personalized professional development for integrating current and emerging technology to enhance instruction

4. Implementation

Three  LED units will be installed for this school year. Since Kindergarten will be using the SmartBoard, a mounted projector for this classroom will have priority in the next budget cycle.  From there, upgrades will be prioritized by aging/failing equipment and bulk purchasing opportunities based on teacher's choice.


DLD Buzz

The delivery of the Digital Learning Displays  has created an amazing buzz at ECS!

To make sure that the equipment arrived safely, the first display was unboxed and tested.  Below are the images captured of the laptop desktop and Google Earth. Many thanks to Andrew for his help and patience!


Final Note!

Just a note about size. Although the displays look HUGE in the library, they meet the recommended dimensions for the classroom. To better visualize the space required for your specific classroom, take a peek at the whiteboard in Grade 2. The Vizio Display is slightly bigger. It also utilizes the equivalent space of  approximately 1/2 of the bulletin board in Grade 4, based upon diagonal measurements.


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