The Moustache

by: Destiny Riggins

Setting of the Story

       As Mike walks down the long ,cold hallways of the nursing home, he began to become very anxious. He observes aging people playing a boring game spades and eating rotten bananas . People staring out of space ,as they are ignoring their nurses complaints. As he continues walking down the plain hallway, he hears loud moaning and grouching from elderly people. When approaches his grandmother's pale,empty room, he begins to worry. He then knew that this visit was going to be a long mystery.

More Information about the story

Characters :The characters are Mike, his mother, his sister , and grandmother.

Rising Action :Mike decides to go visit his grandmother in the nursing home. She has a disease that causes her to have a bad memory of things. His grandmother is making Mike become worried about her conditions.

Conflict: Mike's grandmother mistakes him as his grandfather who's dead. His grandmother begins to discuss about her marriage and forgiveness between her and her husband.

Climax: Mike decides to not correct his grandmother about his real identity. He starts to think about old memories of his grandfather and realizes they have a lot in common with each other.

Falling Action: Mike starts to feel that his grandmother deserves better. She does not need to memorize those kind of memories in their lives. His grandmother shouldn't have to experience that in her life time. He begins to think about his parents' relationship. He was ready to go home after his thinking.

Resolution: When Mike got home for his visit to his grandmother, he decides to shave his moustache off. He decided to not question his mother about her relationship with his father. He decided to just let everything go.