Modern Day Slavery
Domestic Servitude

Domestic Servitude, may look like a nanny, other forms of help. But they are not allowed to leave and don't have free will. This problem happens in places like Haiti the U.S. and many

In the United States

Forced domestic servitude occurs in the United States, too. There are several case of undocumented  workers being forced into domestic servitude.The workers traveling to the U.S. under the pretense of real employment and then forced into enslavement.

Common in haiti

Parents send there kids there for better life's, and more often then not there turned to domestic slaves. There is hundred of stories of kids who worked under bad conditions and where abused there

True Story

Thirteen year old Natalia was told by her parents she was moving to the U.S. with family friends who would allow her to receive an education and learn English. Because Natalia’s family was struggling to pay the school fees and they where welcomed the opportunity for Natalia to receive an education in the United States. Shortly after she arrived the father started to abuse her physically and sexually. For the next six years she was forced to clean the house, wash clothes, cook, and care for their three children, often working 18 hours a day with out payment. She was never allowed to enroll in school as the family had promised, go outside, or even use the phone. One day, after she was severely beaten she saw a chance to escape and got to the neighbors houses.The neighbor called the police, and received medical attention and proceeded to get a proper education.

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