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David Beckhan

Biography Project for Mrs. Hemry's 8th grade Language Arts class

David Beckham was Born on May 2, 1975

Significant Events in History That Affected His LIfe

  • Before he was born a plane crashed and killed 8 members of the Manchester United Soccer team
  • World Cup Soccer
  • League Soccer

Davids Childhood

As a young boy Davids life involved football. His whole world revolved around football as a child. He said that every schoolboys dream was to play around the world.  As he grew older he was scouted to the Manchester United youth team, a team he dreamed of playing on.

People That Influenced Davids Life

  • Davids Father would always cheer for Manchester United with him when he was a child
  • Parents would always give him football related items
  • He would also get Arsenal kits and items from his Grandparents

Unique Facts

  • David Beckham played for the Manchester United Youth Team
  • He declined contract extension with Real Madrid and went to L.A Galaxy


  • 1991- Singed with Manchester Youth Team
  • 1993- Signed a Professional contract with Manchester United
  • 1997- Named Youth Player of the Year
  • 2007- Declines contract extension with Real Madrid and signed with the Loa Angeles Galaxy

The theme of Davids life was...

The theme of his life is that we create our own destiny and hard work pays off.

Words of advice that I have learned from him

  • Follow your dreams and if you work hard enough they will come true
  • "When life hands you lemons make lemonade" or when you get chances make something out of it
  • If you love something you do stay with it don't quit at it

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