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Its country is South America.

Brazil's capital is Brasilia.

The major language of Brazil is Portuguese.

Brazil's continent is South America.

Its life expectancy is 73 to 77 years.

Brazil's population is 200.4 million.


The top 3 major landforms are the Amazon River Basin, immense tropical forests, and the Guiana Highlands.

The 3 major landmarks are Brasilia, Cristo Redentor, and the Itaipu Dam.

The 3 major bodies of water are The Amazon River, the Pacific Ocean, and the Atlantic Ocean.

The 3 major cities are Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro,


The average year rainfall is about 150 mm in depth.

The annual average temperature in the region is 22 to 26 degrees celcius which is 72 to 79 degrees fahrenheit with not much variation between the  warmest and coldest months.


Brazil has a Federal Republic and Presidential government.

Brazil's major religion is Roman Catholic.

Brazil is known for its stylish, and sophisticated clothing. Brazilian clothing is very stylish and cool, and very extravagant and glamorous.

Brazil's major sports are football(soccer), martial arts, foot volley, tennis, basketball, motorsport, volleyball, and rugby.

Most of Brazil's national traditions centered around traditions and celebrations like capoeira, the national sport, and the festivities of Carnival.

                                                                                           Interesting Facts:

Brazil's mode of transportation are boat, bus and tram, car and motorcycle, train, travel documents, local transport, air, and bicycle.

Health care and sanitary living conditions vary widely from region to region in Brazil.There is a wide social gap between northern and southern regions of the country, resulting in sharp differences between the health statuses in each area.

The social conflicts in Brazil are the second predictor that anticipates that the situation of corruption as a taboo is coming to an end.


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