The Persian Empire is an extraordinary empire. You have never seen anything as amazing as this Empire. We are a strong Empire, who has been graced with an excellent king, military, society, and an abundance of land.

The glorious empire stretches from the Mediterranean Sea all the way to West Asia. Giving you the best opportunity to do and be the best you possible.There is no one better to rule our great land other than King Darius. King Darius began construction of Persepolis and expanded Persian control towards Pakistan and Greece. He also has given Persia the glorious religion of Zoroastrianism. The empire of Darius is the largest that the world has seen so far not only by the adoption of Zoroastrianism teachings, but also by holding people to a high ethical standard. King Darius has also helped the Persian Empire achieve a centralized administration and also encourages trade and economic development.  

Why don't you come and join the Persian Empire. King Darius has done so much for us and we want you to be apart of it. Come and join the Persian Empire. We need you in order to be successful.

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