Life Style Choices

     The choices we make every day directly effect our body's health. If you eat a bag of chips, you now have more sodium in your system. Smoke every day and now you have a hard time breathing. You can no long exercise like you used to. All your actions are intertwined with each other. Even the location you live in can potentiality hunt your body. It's never to late to chance life style habits. Read more to find the way to a happy, healthy life.

    Some say you are what you eat, and it's true. Every thing you eat gets deposited into your blood stream, builds up fat, and effects your whole body. Eating things such as fast every day is horrible. Unbalanced diets and excess calories can lead to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, weight problems, and can be hard on the heart. Those side effects can cause more serious problems like strokes, obesity, and in some cases depression. It's a good idea to eat a healthy diet supported by the My Plate. My Plate Shows you the correct proportion sizes to eat during each meal.

    Smoking is an issue that people are facing all the time. Smokers that have been at it for a wile can have a lot of risks later in life. Cigarettes are filled with over 4000 chemical, 43 of witch cause cancer. Smoking has a big compact on your lungs. Smoking puts a strain on your lungs and there ability to filter harmful chemicals. Damaged lungs look black and inflamed. The effects of smoking can be respiratory infections, flu, and colds. Smoking can also cause insulin problems by building a resistance leading to type 2 diabetes.

     When using drugs you need to know the effects it can have on your body. Drugs are addictive so you have to learn to control your habits. The feeling you get comes from chemicals. Drugs give your brain more chemicals. Your brain stops making as much, but the human body just wants it more now, so you do more drugs. Over time they stop working on you so then you move on to even more risky and health hazardous drugs. Over doses on drugs can cause you harm mentally and in the long run physical. Chose the better choice and don't do drugs.

    Air pollution is a growing issue in society with factories using carbon producing methods to get power. Carbon dioxide can trigger a number of heath problems for you body. High levels of air pollution and cause cardiovascular and respiratory illness, stress on lungs and heart, and damage cells in the respirator system. To protect your health from air pollution, you could move to a town with no factories or Eco friendly environment. However one does not simply get up and move. You can help cut down air pollution and encourage others to do the same to.

     Exercise is a important part of your health. Exercising burns up calories that are just siting their waiting to be used. If you don't exercise or use up thous calories you'll get fat. Fat is stored energy in our body, but it's hard to exercise with so much fat. Fat build up in your body makes it harder for blood to flow and difficult for your heart to pump, thus making it hard to exercise. If you don't exercise your muscle mass can go down too. other Effects of not en off exercise can be higher blood pressures, type two readabilities, and stress on joints.

    Thanks to new technology and services you can get help to get on the right path to healthiness. It's not hard to and never to late make small changes to lower the number of risk you have further on in life, so start improving today!