Do you like sports I have one for you it has a ball and you where also tackle people.This tackk well help you become a good football player.


I will be teaching you how to tackle how to throw and how to block. So relax and read. Also your coach will be impressed.

how to tackle

when you go to tackle you get low to the ground but keep your head up and drive throw them. remember to keep your head up because  you could get a concussion . Or get really hurt.

how to throw

You put your three fingers on the first three lases. Then you take the ball back and throw. but you are suppose to release the ball when it gets to your ear.

how to block

When the center snaps the ball you are suppose to block so the QB doesn't get tackled. When you block you put both of your hands on there shoulder pads. And if there bigger than you get Low and push upwards.         

fun facts

I am going to tell you some fun facts. football was formed out of rugby.  

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