" A Raisin in the sun"

1) I think mama bought a house and she wants everyone to be happy and she wants to surprise everyone. She also wanted to help everyone in her family and wants their dreams to come true

2) That mama believe in Walter and that he will be the head of the family.

1) Mrs. Johnson paused because to hurt their feelings or say anything bad so she changed it to brave. Or else she don't want to say anything rude

1) The most important thing in scene 11 is that Walter Lee step up and talked to Mr. Linder and told him that they will be good neighbors. Also he told Mr. Linder that Travis is his his and that he is the sixth generation of their family. Later on Linder said yes so it means that could live there. Everyone was happy and proud of Walter.

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2 years ago

Scene 5: Mama wants to help the whole family. When she give the envelope to Walter it tells the audience she trusts him.

Scene 8: Mrs. Johnson is being sarcastic. She doesn't mean it.

Scene 11: The most important idea in this scene is that Walter shows pride in his family.