No matter how hard something seems, you    can get through it.

This song represents that even though it may seem hard "move along, move along" and get through it with the help of your friends and family because they know you can get through it.

This girl represents the sad frustration that comes with a hard emotional task, comparable to the hard emotional task as the bombing of Hiroshima.

This young girl has come through such hardships and gotten through them any way that she could. Showing that no matter the hardship you can get through it, even at our age. Nethra had a dream of going to school, and that is what she used to get through her tough situation

If I could provide assistance to the bombing survivors of Hiroshima I would help people die in peace.

It is so important to die in peace, because that way you would have no regrets in your final moments and not die in vain. The most important part of dying in peace is to forgive, this video shows that it is so important in the healing process of death to forgive.

              My poem about Hiroshima

Living life in the typical way

In fear of what was to come

Until the bomb was dropped without say

Yet, it was expected like the beat of a drum

Houses had crumbled

Families had been ruined

Through their losses all have been humbled

And their thoughts disillusioned

The bombing has left wounds

On the city and its citizens

Their lives have been strewn

This has affected millions


          Now that the bombing’s over many are ill             

Some are even dying

People have forgiven still

There is no time for crying

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2 years ago

I think that your picture expresses the loss people went through

2 years ago

I love how your theme ties into the people of Hiroshima and those of today. Your picture expresses a lot. Nice Job!😄

2 years ago

I like your poem, don't forget to separate the stanzas, good picture also.😄

2 years ago

I like your picture it shows how sad people were at the loss of family and the pride their countrhy carried.

2 years ago

Very good, I like your poem😊