The Coastal Plains

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The Land of Adventure

The Coastal Plains are home to the most beautiful beaches, productive industries, flourishing ecosystems, and breathing-taking scenic sites.

Geography of the Plains

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Welcome to the amazing Coastal Plains! Come and explore their geography!

The beautiful Coastal Plains are the largest of Georgia's five region. Since it's the largest region, it includes many geographic features and unique landscapes. Let's start on the landscape. The Coastal Plains is a flatter region. It has basically no mountains, so mining is nonexistent there. That doesn't mean there are no big industries. The Coastal Plains has one of the largest agricultural industries. If you are looking to farm or start another business, start here, and please scroll down to our industry slide! If you are looking to visit, keep reading! As stated before, the Coastal Plains is a flatter region, and it has half of its border on the Atlantic Ocean. This means the beach! The Coastal Plain's beaches are perfect! You and or your family can enjoy the relaxing, clear waters of the Coastal Plains, and maybe even visit some of the other tourist sites around. These include: the barrier islands, the fall line, the Chattahoochee, the Okefenokee Swamp, and the Savannah River!  These places are beautiful, wonderful intriguing places that are sure to be a blast! (For more on these historic and inspiring sites scroll down to slide #3.)

This is the magnificent coastline of Georgia's Coastal Plain!

The Coastal Plain's barrier islands have entertainment for all ages!

Tourists and the Coastal Plains/  Physical Features

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The Coastal Plains are the ultimate vacation destination. At the Coastal Plains, you will always get your money's worth!

If you are looking for a place to vacation, the Coastal Plains are the place to be. In the amazing physical features listed in the above slide, the Costal Plains have intriguing sites just for tourists! Let's start with Savannah, Georgia. This is an excellent tourist spot. Also known as the Haunted City, Savannah was the first city to be founded in Georgia. It is known for its ghosts and restless spirits that wander its streets. It also has a overwhelming southern culture, and a rich history as Georgia's deep sea port! Next, you can visit the Okefenokee Swamp. Let its ecosystem of over 1000 plants and animals inspire you! Then, there's the fall line. Nature lovers can hike on it, and bookworms can read about its crucial presence in dividing the Piedmont's and Coastal Plain's water resources! Don't forget to visit some of the most important rivers in Georgia! You can hike along part Georgia's western border, the Chattahoochee River! It's scenic views and fascinating history will inspire you! You can also learn about its hydroelectric power, transportation, and supply of drinking water that Georgia depends on. Next, head over to the Savannah River. The Savannah River also provides Georgia with important things like the creation of the Savannah deep sea port. It is Georgia's eastern border that offers great hiking spots and excellent views! After you have stopped by the rivers,  finish your trip off at the beach! Visit one of Georgia's many barrier islands! You can learn about their crucial part in defending Georgia's coast from invasions and storms while staying at a beautiful hotel! The Coastal Plains have something for everyone! Visit Georgia's Coastal Plains today and experience its great tourism spots/physical features!

This is a picture of the fall line, one of the Coastal Plains most scenic tourist spots! Visit now and experience the waterfalls!

This is another must-visit tourist spot! The Okefenokee swamp is home to many plants and animals that you don't want to miss!

Climate in the Coastal Plains

The Coastal Plains have Georgia's luxurious mild temperatures that are perfect for you!

The Coastal Plains, like the rest of Georgia, have 4 seasons. This is great for everyone! Kids get to experience autumn, summer, spring, and winter. If you are looking into farming, Georgia's Coastal Plains have a longer growing season (than other states)because of its mild temperatures. If you want to escape the cold, the Coastal Plains will satisfy you with beaches mostly year-round. (The southernmost part of the Coastal Plains is fairly hot all year even if the seasons change.) If you are looking for hot and cold temperatures, try the northern part of the Coastal Plains. The climate in the Coastal Plains is perfect for businesses because most employees enjoy relocating to Georgia because of the good climate. Georgia's Coastal Plains climate is a satisfactory win for everybody! Come today and experience what the Georgians feel!

Industries in the Plains

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The Coastal Plains are full of tons of successful industries. In fact, the Coastal Plains are booming with industrial growth, so it is the perfect time to start a business here!

The Coastal Plains are booming with industry! The Coastal Plains are known for their agricultural society the most though. Farming is huge here. The flat land, fertile soil, and long growing season make the Coastal Plains the perfect market for farmers! If you are looking to start a business in agriculture, the Coastal Plains are known for their vegetables, Vidalia onions, cotton, and peanuts. These are the most sensible crops to farm if you looking for profit! Furthermore, some large businesses started in the Coastal Plains are the Vidalia Sweet Onion brand and the XtendFlex brand. There are many other brand names of crops that are farmed here, but the Coastal Plains have more than just one industry. Shipping, seafood, and the pulp and paper industries are big here too! If you are interested in starting a business in one of the following industries, you should because...

1. Georgia's climate: The climate here is unbeatable. In fact, many companies relocate to Georgia because employees love the climate!

2. Tourism: Tourism is booming in the Coastal Plains, so you are sure to have customers.

3. Location: Georgia has several modes of transportation, including an international airport that makes travel to and from Georgia a piece of cake!

4. Large Industries: Many huge industries have started in the Coastal Plains, so why not add your company to the mix?!

5.The Coast: The Coastal Plains are located along Georgia's coastline. They are also home to Savannah's deep sea ocean port. This makes importing and exporting your goods incredibly easy!

Start your business in the Coastal Plains today!

The Coastal Plains are full of inspirational cultures, successful businesses, thriving ecosystems, and thrilling adventures.

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