FBI Special Agents

Career Description

An FBI agent investigates many criminal activities such as murder, terrorism, drug abuse or trafficking, and organised crime. Agents can also interview witnesses, victims, and suspects. There are many positions in this career. Depending on what you specialize in, you will be placed into a field. There a 56 different fields. There is also special fields like Linguistics, Hostage Rescue Team, and Intelligence Analysts. Special Agents in these fields speak many different languages, have worked many years in the military or for the swat team, and have worked with weapons and forms of security.

Required Skills

In order to perform in this career well, certain skills are required. Preferred or required skills would be any of the following: Accounting, Finance, Computer Science, Foreign Language, Intelligence experience, Law Enforcement experience, Law experience, Military background, Forensic and Physical Sciences, and/or experience with tactical operations or special forces. These skills are required because they increase anyone's chance of excelling or even getting accepted in the FBI. Each skill is utilized differently depending on what field an agent is in.

Educational Requirements

In order to be able to get into the FBI, a person needs to have at least a Bachelor's degree in Law, Technology, Foreign Language, and/or Criminal Justice. 800 hours of training in the FBI Academy and at least 3 years of a professional job experience is also required.

Salary (Income)

When first starting out in this career, a person can expect a yearly salary of about $60K. An experienced person, or someone who has been in the FBI for more than 10 years can expect to earn a yearly salary of $82K.

Future Outlook

How hard will it be for someone to get a job in this career?

It is complicated to get a job in the FBI.

How many of these jobs are there?

A definite has yet to be determined, but there are plenty of jobs in the 56 fields.

Does this career have a long future and does it have the possibility of dying away?

The FBI does have a long future and it most likely won't die away because of all the issues in the world.


Benefits of this career would be getting to work with many different people and you do get health and insurance benefits. Hours are flexible, so you can have room in your schedule for family.

Similar Careers

The CIA, Police Officer, Military, Forensic Scientist, and P.I (Private Investigator)

Why I Chose This Career

I chose this career because I've always wanted something to do with Criminal Justice when I got older. I would always watch shows like CSI and Criminal Minds. It always interested me.

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