The Day-Glo Brothers
By: Zane Stephens

Why they are famous
They are famous for creating the colors that you see today.  For example that orange that glows like a orange fire.  The colors they made  helped with World War ||, traffic cones, airplane landing lights and many more things.

In the book The Day-Glo Brothers it tells the story of Bob and Joe Switzer. Bob was born in 1914 and Joe was born in 1915 both in Montana. A long drought in Montana brought hard times for the family so they moved to California in 1931. As they grew up in California Joe grew up wanting to be a magician. He did many tricks at school and his church. While Joe was showing his magic tricks Bob wanted to be a doctor. After graduating from high school he got a scholarship to a college near home. In 1932 Bob was doing his summer job and working with ketchup. One day he was climbing in a car full of ketchup bottles when the barricade he was standing on collapsed. Bob fell 12 feet and hit his head on a concrete loading dock. After the fall Bob had seizures and double vision. It also damaged his memory and ruined his chance of being a doctor. He had to heal in his darkened basement. But he wasn't alone. Joe was down there too. Just he was there so he could think about light. He knew fluorescent could help his magic act and the basement was dark so it was the perfect place to test it. Bob jumped in and helped since he was bored and eager to help. So together the brothers built a ultraviolet lamp. They walked into their dads drug store and they aimed the light at the bottles and boxes on the shelfs. That is were there journey began with a bottle of fluorescent glowing in the dark room. They learned more about making the paints and soon started making them to make money for Bob’s medical bills. Joe used the glowing the paints in his magic shows and it won him first prize at a magicians' convention and made the newspaper. The paint they made helped with many things. plane landings, bill boards, rescue flags, movies, street signs, marking areas with explosives by them, highlighters even made them rich.

Bob Switzer was born in 1914 and Joe was born in 1915. They were both born in Montana. Joe grew up wanting to be a magician. Bob grew up wanting to be a Doctor. After that in 1931 Montana had a long drought and the day-glo family moved to Berkeley, California. There Joe was practicing his magic tricks while Bob was graduating from high school to be a doctor. Bob went to work for a ketchup manufacturing place and got injured falling off one of the carts. After that Bob had to spend a while in his basement healing. Joe would come down there to spend time in the dark. The two brothers made a UV light and saw a yellow glow of fluorescence. That is where the color making started.

Born in Fromberg, Montana, U.S.A

I chose this because it was a picture of there product. I thought of this by thinking of the main thing they where famous for. I thought it was cool to actually to see their actual product. It was helpful to know what their product was like. I think it was helpful because it showed what shade of the color and how bright it is.

Both of my people accomplished making the colors you see today. Not only that but they made them glow in the sunlight. Bob wanted to be a doctor but did not accomplish that. Then Joe wanted to be a magician. He was a magician for a majority of his life. Joe got a reward for being the best magician. Bob got hurt working with ketchup bottles. So he had to heal from his enjuries.

I learned many things about these people. At first I knew nothing about them. But now I know a lot about them. For example, I now know that they pretty much reinvented color. Without them we wouldn't have those colors that glow in the sunlight. I learned that Bob wanted to be a doctor and Joe wanted to be a magician.

"But the difficultest go to understand and a difficultest job a man can do is to come it brave and meek with thirty Bob a week and feel that is the proper thing for you." - Bob Switzer.

  • Bob worked at a ketchup manufacturing place.
  • Joe won a award for best magician.
  • The colors they made helped with world war ||

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