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Fort Sumter

The Battle of Fort Sumter was the first battle of the American Civil War.

The Civil War

Now that the first shots were fired, the war had begun. Many states that have not picked a side have to choose the North or the South. Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Arkansas joined the Confederation. West Virginia broke away from Virginia to become their own state so they could stay with the Union.

President Lincoln called for 75,000 volunteer soldiers for 90 days. At the time he still thought the war would be short and small. It turned out to last for more than 4 years and over 2 million men would fight as part of the Union Army.

The battle

On April 12, 1861 General Beauregard sent Major Anderson a message saying that he would fire in one hour if Anderson didn't surrender. Anderson didn't surrender and the firing began. The South attacked Fort Sumter from all sides. There were several forts surrounding Charleston Harbor that allowed the Southern forces to easily attack Sumter. After many hours of the attack, Anderson realized that he had no chance to win the battle. He was almost out of food and ammunition and his forces were badly outnumbered. He surrendered the fort to the Southern Army.

This a Model of Fort Sumter and side of wall is gone so u can see what it looks like in the walls.

During the attack of fort Sumter only 82 soldiers were defending it.

At 2:30 pm on April 13 Major Robert Anderson, garrison commander, surrendered the fort and was evacuated the next day.

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