French Newsletter
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Montagne en Savoie (taken by J. Starmer)

If you're looking for more slang words, here is a list of French slang used by teenagers:

French pronunciation is not easy...this list presents particularly challenging words:

Sci-fi/Steampunk fans may enjoy this virtual visit to Nantes:

Slate presents an interesting set of maps of France and sports:

Want to know more about the Francophone world? This infographic nicely presents la Francophonie:

Music lovers, this online radio show is for you! Find out which French-language albums were popular in Canada 2014:

Ever feel like you are more French than American? Compare your feelings and habits with those on this list to see if you are becoming more French!

Francophone author Assia Djebar recently passed away.  The article below (in French) pays homage to this great writer:

Still lamenting the lack of snow here? Enjoy these photos of snow in the south of France:

A la prochaine!