Soil Sample Presentation

By: Katie and Ross

Location of where we took the Soil Sample:

-The terrain was pretty well flat with a little bit of change in elevation

-There was a tall grass in this field that looked kind of like some type of prairie grasses maybe fescue mixed with a little brome. Also there was one tree located in the center of the field with trees surrounding the perimeter.

-I think the previous plants were about the same it looks like it would have been the same types of grass there maybe a few more trees also.

-It was within an 1/8 of a mile from Wolf Run Lake

Analyzation of the Soil

-The pH of our soil was 5.6 which is slightly acidic

-Yes, 5.6 falls at the very bottom of the acceptable range

-Phosphorus was 4 lbs/acre which is a very low rating

-Potassium was 109 lbs/acre which is a medium rating

-Calcium was 1419 lbs/acre which is a medium rating

-Magnesium was 414 lbs/acre which was a high rating

-The soil's organic matter content is 2.6%

-The amount of lime for effective neutralizing is 805 lbs/acre

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