A Minute To Pray . . . A Second to die.

Our tall-tale unfolds after the close of the now almost forgotten Spanish-American War, in the year 1901. The still vastly green American Empire stretches East from Chesapeake Bay all the way West to the San Francisco Bay, where at the US Army‘s Pacific outpost, the Presidio, Black Cavalrymen are headquartered - America’s now fabled “Buffalo Soldiers.”

The Colored troops were being “saluted” for consistently doing the dirty-work and heavy-lifting others would-not or could-not do. “Thanked” maybe for risking their lives for what was, questionably ‘their” country. “Commended” for assisting in damn-near exterminating the noble natives - the Red Savages . . . . Recognized, if not reluctantly at least “half-assedly” and begrudgingly-so for saving Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders at San Juan Hill.

Some historians might call the Black soldier’s stationed in “civilized” San Francisco on the West coast . . . as opposed-to down in the still-hostile Land of Dixie, was a more-than well-earned “reward” of-sorts for saving the lives of an uncountable number of often-timed ungrateful White pioneers and settlers.

During the cool Pacific summers the Buffalo Soldiers were assigned to carve-out and patrol t created mighty n’ all-so-high Alpine forest of President Roosevelt's National Parks, Yosemite/ Kings Canyon.

And it is while manning his Sierra Nevada watchtower Captain Charles Young, merely the third Black officer at that time to endure, or rather graduate the illustrious US military academy at West Point, is halfheartedly tapped by top-army brass, General Nigger-Jack Pershing, to hand-pick and head-up a small-squad of elite and battle-hardened Colored Cavalry-men.

Their monumental mission; Don’t allow the South to rise. . . .

They must intercept and halt a murderous-band of well-financed, well-armed Southern mercenaries infamously known as the “The Confederate Sons of Quantrill.” A renegade regiment of notorious, dishonorable, cutthroat Johnny Reb guerrillas - professional soldiers which were assembled by below-the Mason-Dixon Line aristocrats hell-bent on stealing enough gold from Ft. El Dorado, the fabled City of Gold in Death Valley California, to, of all things . . . re-arm and reignite the still-smoldering “War between the States.”

Captain Young, along with his top NCO, Sergeant Matthew Braxton and their detachment of over a dozen determined men set-off South, across desolate “Death Valley.” Their desperate task will take them down to Baja-California - all the way down to the red waters of the Vermillion Sea, to “Land’s End.”

It is there, with the able-bodied assistance of a renowned high-seas marauder, er’, a Black “Privateer,” depending on your perspective . . . one Don Cortez - Captain of the masted-steam ship “Sting-Ray” and its vaunted crew - a vivacious, vicarious and yet vicious collection-of colorful pillagers, plungers and smugglers

these warriors merge their forces - Black Buccaneers and Buffalo Soldiers, to confront those Confederate Rednecks who’d dare die for Ol’ Dixie to breath-life again . . . put colonial chains back-on Black folk.

A Minute To Pray, A Second To Die . . . .

Here at Night Train Operations we've hand-crafted, or rather “discovered” a rip-roaring rustic recanting of just-how-close Ol’ Abe Lincoln’s long-racially divided glass-house, the so-called “United” States of America, actually came to a being forcibly divided . . . but for a second-time, to endure yet another Civil War.

Historians and storytellers - the connoisseurs and aficionados of yesteryear’s tall-tales, believe there’re still a few genuine, authentic American folk tales which have yet-to-be told. However, we've stumbled-across a story which explains a misplaced-chapter of US History 101 very few know of. . . . An “enhanced n’ exaggerated narrative which doesn't have to remain long-lost in the annals of antiquity.

Listen . . . and you’ll hear the tale of how a very well-funded, highly well-organized however an unquestionably diabolical military operation was mounted - a deviously calculated venture to rip-open and tear-apart America’s still-bloody war between the states wounds, to hurl the country, a hardly “reunited” nation at the advent of the 20th century, back into another uncivil  civil war.

America - our patchwork “Union” was but mere gunshots away from enduring yet-another well-orchestrated second Civil War.

This treasonous act was attempted by a small group of half-broke men who embodied the extraordinarily vindictive and frustrated mindset of an entire region of half-broken people who don’t know when they've been licked. Despite the “Yankee” history book’s condescending, politically-correct sanitized version of the South post civil war, the land-of the conquered was a deeply-devastated nation within-a-nation in the decades following Reconstruction.

Make no mistake about it; Down-below the Mason Dixon Line the disgruntled descendants of the 1861 Confederate traitors Johnny Reb' - their hearts  hate-filled and still bitterly-beating strong . . . a half-century after Grant defeated Lee.

The South refused to die.

By the turn-of-the-century, circa 1900, the frustrated grandson’s of grey n’ crimson-clad backstabbers still maintained the moonshine-fueled notion - if the rank n’ file Confederate sympathizers, i.e., “Real Confederates” could be rearmed . . . the South would rise - defeat and exile the carpetbagging “Nigger lovers,” forcibly place Black folks back in chains - working for slave wages. . . thus re-inflate the Land of Dixie’s deflated economy . . . . Oh Happy Days would be here again!

Never-mind this diabolical escapade took place nearly a half-century after the closure of the “War between the States,” and believe it or not . . . it all played-out South of the Rio Grande, South of the border, down in the Gulf of Mexico. . . .

Within the layers of a simple story set over a century ago - we gather that the societal ills, woes and worries of Americans remain much-the-same . . . can Black and White live together . . . ?

Is the United States of America a land of  milk n' honey  honestly “reserved” for Whites only?

This adventure encompasses all the critical elements required to entice a vast-array of curious minds of all kinds, large and small. It incorporates the essentials of a “Western,”, with a diverse cast of genuine, authentic, colorful characters. A feasible, conceivable, plausible adventure . . . which explodes in a unique coastal southwest frontier location, under unusual circumstances - peppered with, satire, action and drama - with the strategic infusion of 1900 “technology” - all wrapped-up in what we calculate is a . . . great story.